Unique technology of two parts boluses
with different time of disintegration

2 parts Boluses

Desired time of dissolving from 1,50 minute up to 3 months
Dedicated active ingredients directly in the rumen delivers new health solutions

Our boluses distinguish by the amount of ingredients
per boluses with high doses of vitamins and trace elements

Our boluses are tested by University IN VIVO research before launching them on the market

Innovative Boluses for cattle
New technology helping enhancing ruminant’s health

Jfarm developed technology giving new opportunities to use active ingredients in form of bolus:

Solution enhancing ruminant’s health
Alternative for health trend reducing the use of antibiotics among ruminants
Direct and desired dissolving time in the rumen opens new opportunities for using dedicated active ingredients
Solution for more complex method of prevention and treatment, as a part of trend at vets’ practice

Why does bolus application
can be the solution?


Reduced risk of milk fever Mastitis and ketosis prevention


High doses of witamins and trace elements

Bolus application can support cow needs
at every stage of production cycle

Advantages of bolus application
Innovate and effective tool
Easy application Individual treatment for each cow
Cow can use 100% of ingredients
Reduces veterinary costs
Positive effect on reproduction and production features easy digestible ingredients
Ensure high concentrations of Ca, energy, witamins and minerals
Support cow after calving
Cost optimization
One application can ensure weeks of supplementation
Support at every stage of production cycle
Without bolus application
Necessity of using traditional feed additives
Cows cannot be treated as individuals
Lack of certainty that cow will use all of the ingredients
Higher veterinary costs
Less effective methods to support the cow
Possible defincieces of energy, witamins or trace elements