Evaluation report of laboratory and clinical test of Mineral Bolus

Evaluation report of laboratory and clinical
Bolus mineral-vitamin for cows
produced by Jfarm in Ostroleka, ul. Magazynowa 1 A

Growing at a rapid pace progress which includes conditions for breeding, feeding and maintenance of cows becoming a major cause of the increase in milk yield. However, it carries a high risk of metabolic disorders. Childbirth and early lactation as well as the period of transition is a huge factor leading to a significant shortage of components especially minerals. During this period, the digestive tract high yielding cows is not sufficiently adapted to digest a large amount of feed, serves the needs of cow associated with lactation. Mineral allow you to stabilize the metabolism in the rumen and liver and increase feed intake. As a result, during the transitional period remains agile animal condition and performance. Reducing the amount of feed consumed before birth and a simultaneous increase in demand, especially for energy, in the early days of lactation, most often leads to increased lipolysis expressed increased burning of stored fat.

During the transitional period disorders are an important reproductive functions of cows, and the quantity and quality of milk produced. Therefore, properly selected additives in the mineral to prevent such problems and promote ruminants to increased efficiency and improve the quality of milk.

The use of feed additives in livestock feed is regulated by the Polish feed law developed on the basis of European Union directives. It is important to feed additives in the mineral-vitamin supplements are not detrimental to the natural environment for the animals. All components are essential for life and proper development of the animal, as well as introduced to ration significantly improve their use nutrients. Also improve the health of animals by improving the efficiency of the immune system. Also is improving the genetic potential of animals.

Using feed mineral supplements should be aware that a number of components is characterized by an antagonistic influence each other. The excess or deficiency of some of them can reduce the effects of the other. Therefore, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements should first take into account the state of health of the cows especially during the transitional period, the type of ration, quality and quantity of milk produced and to monitor the health of the cows in the herd.